we will save

millions of lives.

We give individuals control of their lives, at a scale that can transform entire populations.

Our Offerings

Innovative Technology

Carrot started with a hardware patent and has evolved into a company that uses technology and behavior change to amplify each other.


Behavioral Science

Core to everything we do at Carrot is a model of behavioral science that focuses on individual empowerment, internal motivation, and lasting change.

Clinical Expertise

We’re not making this stuff up. Our team of physicians, scientists, and engineers starts with the evidence base, refines through testing, validates in studies, and publishes the results.


Human-Centered Design

Did we say Carrot started with a patent? Actually, that patent started with a design-based understanding of user experience. Our designers build for true engagement and transformation.

Our Investors


What’s that? You’re so intrigued you want to join the team? Awesome! We’re always on the lookout for good, talented people. Click below to see our openings or just drop us a line.


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