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Will tech, pharma come together for digital health?

Digital health companies have raised large funding rounds, but have struggled to make major traction with physicians and patients. Executives with Johnson & Johnson and Intel shared what they see as the path to a solution.

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CES 2020 Trend: Tech for Personalized Health Care

From teeth to your DNA, CES exhibitors showed solutions leveraging your own data to make you healthier. Here are a few game-changers I noticed at CES 2020.

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Does Being Funny Help—or Hurt—Powerful Women?

Movers and Shakers: Humana Health Ventures founder Busy Burr joins digital health company Carrot Inc. as president and chief commercial officer.

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Cessation benefits emerge amid vaping injury outbreak

The ongoing lung injury outbreak provides an opportunity for employers to holistically communicate the risks of vaping and tobacco use.

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Pivot – SmartTech to help People with Arthritis Quit Smoking

Carrot, the makers of the Pivot app, understand that quitting smoking is more than just an impulsive decision; it requires a skill that needs to be developed over time.

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CES 2020: What We’re Excited About in Cutting-Edge Health Tech

Technology can help make the lives of people living with chronic illness more comfortable and convenient; and many of the latest tools, such as the Pivot app for smoking cessation, enable more people to lead healthier lives.

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Company Announcements

Blue Cross NC Launches No-Cost Virtual Programs for Members to Quit Smoking and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) announced it is teaming up with Carrot Inc. and Virta Health to help address two of the largest ongoing health issues facing Americans today – smoking and type 2 diabetes.

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Clinical Trial Finds Pivot Breath Sensor Significantly Increases Motivation to Quit Smoking

In a study of 234 participants, use of the Pivot personal Carbon Monoxide Breath Sensor resulted in a significant increase in motivation to quit, increase in quit attempts, and reduction in cigarette consumption.

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COVID-19 and Tobacco – Two Global Health Crises Collide

The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has killed an estimated 375,000 people worldwide and over 105,000 in the U.S. in 2020 (as of June 01, 2020), according to the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control. COVID-19 is a global beast of epic proportions.

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Preventing a Preventable Disease: The Quest to ‘Cure’ Smoking

Johnson & Johnson Innovation teams up with Carrot Inc.

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Our first product, Pivot, marks a major rethinking of why and how people can quit smoking.